Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The following stories/poems are for my lovely daughter, Luna Luz Allat.
Snow Food

The snow fell all confused. Each of the many snow flakes falling began talking wildly. They were journeying miles down from the sky onto New York City’s streets.
The First snowflake said, “What are we doing out here in April? This is crazy!”
The Second agreed, “None of our friends are going to play with us. They’ll just shovel us away mad.”
But in the despair, the great, wise old snow flake knew what to do? He declared, “It is a full moon tonight. All of the moon, our Luna, will be seen. On nights like these, all the water of the world is under her control.”
One of the many other snowflakes said, “Right! We snowflakes are made of water.”
A sad snowflake sadly said, “With so much water to take care of, she won’t be able to care for us.”
“We must not melt,” The great, wise old snowflake strongly stated. “We must come together as one and find the one with light. In this way, she will know where we are to go to. So that when we melt, it is for a great cause. She will know her math, count us all right and save us.”
The sad snowflake sighed, “If it is out of season for children to play with us, what great cause could there be? We are only little flakes now that fall to bother bouncing boys, get galloping girls groaning and whisk walking workers away.”
“Do not fear!” The great wise old snowflake directed all of them now. “Put out the strongest part of your designs and hold each other together. In this way, we shall all fall as one. Do not be afraid for she will put out her hand and save us flakes. She will know what to do.”
The snowflakes all assembled and as they fell a little seven year old girl became clearer to them. She walked with her father outside in a happy way that had just paused. She looked up at the sky.
She wondered aloud to her father saying, “Papi, I wish that I had some snow to put in my favorite plant. Maybe then, it will grow really strong. ”
“Silly little bear!” her father said jokingly. “Why snow?”
She of course knew and uttered back, “Paaaaapppppiiii! This is special snow. It will heal my favorite plant. So then, is it going to happen?!”
The father only said, “Well now, Luna, what makes rain, hail, snow and earthquakes?”
“Ok, Papi! I will think all about it right now!” She looked up at the sky and then to her smiling father putting her hand out.
Alas, the snow found its cause in her palm. Luna’s favorite plant would grow strong.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunset Styles (by Albert Bustos)

I am honored to share this portrait by my student Albert Bustos. It reps my early Hip Hop career through The Source, XXL,, Stress,, etc. Keep building my brother.