Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Michael Jackson suffered the contradiction of being supremely Black and Black being hated by the world. He was a true soul singer, a most incredible dancer and a singer of songs with much love for us &anger against hatred.
The only concrete evidence is that he was a grown kid at heart, suffered a difficult childhood of extreme expectations and had more power than any devil would ever want to allow.
Peace, Sunez

Monday, June 8, 2009

MANNY LIYES in Culebra

Peace to my brother, Manny Liyes, a great actor who will have his 3rd play in a row appear at the Village Voice Fringe Festival this August. Here is a short piece, Culebra, he performed for a one page play festival in April.

Peace, Sunez

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The following stories/poems are for my lovely daughter, Luna Luz Allat.

Mic Trippin'

“I’m really sick, Poppy!”
“Awww, what’s making you feel sloppy?”
“But I’m so sick! I don’t know how I’ll get well quick.”
“Well here. Calm down and sip this water. Tell it to me all and don’t falter.”
“I’ll tell you all of it. No rocky skips cause I’m about to flip. Dizzy like I’m gonna trip. Stomach aching like it’s squeezed with a whip. And my head hurting!---Oh I think I’m gonna trip.”
“Hey, get a grip. Don’t mic trip! Iza will rub your tummy.”
“Okay. And she’ll make me something yummy?”
“Far from crummy, she’s no dummy. Anita Baker will play and it’ll make your day. Relax and tell me mores. Give me the tales on your sores?”
“In my class, way more than four, and a bit less than a score I thought I heard Jay say something about the play.
Went to Kimberly gingerly, ‘Hey, what’d Jay say about the play? Is it about the day or the way we say?’
Kimberly say, ‘Nothing’s astray with the play. No one has to pay to see our way.’
Then I wasn’t worried anymore ‘cause I thought we had to hurry some more.”

“Ok. So it’s all to the good.”
“No, I’m just starting to make it understood. Alex and Alexis cough and sneeze. They cover their mouths but did that make me weeze? Yamile saw my pen fall and I touched the floor after the wall.”
“To pick up the pen?”
“Did I get sick just then? The pen rolled on some dirt and stains got on my shirt.”
“Wash your hands regularly to prevent the hurt.”
“Right, Poppy. Being right I’ll more than copy. Some more to the fable, I think I messed up at the dinner table. Milk and meats aren’t holy treats but I still took that over the beets!”
“Well, milky eats and sweaty meats are trick treats but don’t sadden with defeat. Whatever was taken away can be added stronger today.”
“And did the remedies remedy when friends of me gave ‘em to me? Karla gave me lots of vitamin C and all the germs will flee. Selene gave me sanitizing wipes so I can swipe dirt away wise. More and more of your salad and ballad, working my qi and drinking white tea but I’ll still be ailing and wailing.”
“One last thing, the great song to sing, the only thing you’ll always need to always feed. Your mind is the bind for everything kind. Let it unblind the blind so you can master your fears. Let it hear the unheard so your heart does more than tear. Let it bum any dumb so you stay a blossomed plum. Only and always your thought will wrought all brought round you.”
“Thank you Poppy. I feel better.
Can we play too?”

“All of them to the letter.
I love you too…”

Monday, June 1, 2009

Order the KNOWLEDGE OF SELF Book Now

It is the gift that all of humanity deserves to be presented with. To know the self. To be imparted with the awareness to constantly explore one’s ideas in the most empowering manner. To delve into one’s nature truthfully and share in a way that betters all. To have the greatest weaponry available to identify and protect oneself from any enemy’s oppressive measures. This is done supremely with knowing oneself.
Knowledge of self, where we know we are the creators of our entire universe and subsequent reality, we are not the first. In the history of the world, many of our ancestral cultures and civilizations shared the idea of man as God and the infeasibility of a mysterious and/or unknown God. However, The Nation of God and Earth truly adds on a unique perspective in many enlightening ways.
Firstly, all of these great, poor, righteous teachers did not look for the right student to expose themselves and their ideas; rather, they presented themselves as God or Earth and allowed potential students from any and all walks of life to inquire. This is a departure from the nomadic Sufis imparting insight and safely vacating to see another day or the Taoist masters who lived as mountain men away from society. The Gods and Earths have openly shared their understanding regardless of the consequences. The consequences have been great from the contradictions and hypocrisies of not living it out, being ostracized from one’s family and community to the direct oppression and harassment of the oppressive governments and power structure to even fatal demise. Still, the Gods and Earths continued to teach.
Secondly, the foundation of the teachings, the supreme mathematics made such a complex subject, man’s reality as creator, into a detailed law and order of the universe and description of the Original people with a simple word(s) for each numeral. With this innovation of the science of everything in life so simply defined and ready for application by anyone, these teachings are vital to any age group. It also elevates the insightful teachings of the Nation of Islam, extracted and refined as our 120 lessons, into a mathematical system of study and development.
Thirdly, we are the truth we seek in each and every problem or inquiry of life. A knowledge of self becomes the most empowering tool known because it is an actualizing of statements proven true. The Original man is God/I am the Earth. I am this and I prove it true. What then is within me that enables me to survive and thrive with and for all? Knowing oneself the answer presents itself.
Nothing could be more empowering, beautiful and engrossing as the Knowledge of Self.

Peace, Sunez Allah, Co-Editor
Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Writings on the Science of Everything in Life
presents the thoughts of Five Percenters, both young and old, male and female, Black and white, in their own words. Through essays, poems, and even how-to articles, this anthology presents readers with an accurate portrait of what the Five Percent study, teach and live daily. With a foreword by Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian, contributions from Cappadonna and Popa Wu of Wu-tang Clan, early founders of the Nation and Gods and Earths from the United States to England.
Featured Writings and Topics Include:
• Love, Hell or Right: The many incredible life stories of Gods and Earths getting a Knowledge of themselves. • Who are the Original People?: Who is Black and Who is Not?; Somos Originales, why the Latino is also a Supreme Being?; Who are the Blacks In China? What is a mystery God? Why don’t we believe in a mystery God? • The Mind is the Master Key: What is the Mind, its power and how do we augment it supremely? What are the oppressive conditions we are living, how do we identify them and use our mind to change our reality?• The Martial Law of the Martial Arts: What is the relationship of the Martial Arts and its philosophies and the Gods and Earths? • The Pedagogy of the Five Percent: What are the teaching styles of the Gods and Earths. How do we educate our youth and save the babies? What is the civilization class? An analysis of the P.E.A.C.E. Course, one of the many courses offered at Allah School in Mecca, the first school of the Nation.• Life after Life?: What happens when we die? What is the mental death vs. the physical death? The Gods and Earths’ ideas on the afterlife and death are offered in detail.
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THE THREE TREASURES ASSOCIATION: Martial Artists of Bian Xing, the Metamorphosis of 180 Moves.Essays on Bian Xing: The Martial Law of the Martial Arts by Nahlejj Eternal, Infinite Mind and Sunez in the upcoming book, Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Writings on the Science of Everything in Life