Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FUCK SOLAR! WHY? Rest in Peace GURU!

Today, I saw a new video posted by Solar's 7 Grand Records on YouTube. I felt compelled to comment appropriately to the disingenuous posting with two comments. “RIP TO THE GOD GURU” and “Fuck Solar!” On YouTube, I’m listed as Sunez7 [7 meaning God] so Solar blocked me from commenting and lashed out on my channel page saying,

What does 7 Mean? I think you are a Jive percenter. If not lets here your answer? and who gave you knowledge of seff? and how long ago? 8 if your 7? Peace

He also messaged me saying:

You dealing with your own Inner Devils hating on some one you know nothing about,(Solar) except the lies you read perpertrated by snakes. if you call Guru God Then you know God is right and exact in all things. Meaning Guru chose Solar as god and you have to respect that Period if you know degrees? or keep burning in your own self hate.(most likely) But do not claim your righteous,cause your not if this is how you move(snake like) your ways and actions as stated(shown) here are that of a snake. And you are muredered by your own self hate you are projecting on guru and Solar. If you are perp. 2 11 then hit back if not. Burn eaither way.


Another message immediately followed:

I will lift the block when you show you are who you say you are.

My fans do not want to hear your snake devil thoughts masquerading as god. we know who the devil is and do not need to be bothered with his stench(foul smell)/.

Solar deserves a response. A response because he has used the name of the Nation of God and Earth to shield himself in justifying his alleged actions towards Guru and certainly the repercussions of Guru’s returning. There is no mystery and Guru is most responsible for himself. However, the demise of one’s brother in such fashion demands that those close humbly accept the failures they have committed. I do not believe. So I can hardly believe Solar’s contentions despite his insistence and amongst countless trusted counter-sources that I see as legitimate. My response to Solar is:

Indeed, I appreciate that my tough comment was even responded to. It's an emotional response to the disingenuous presentation you, Solar, have had since Guru's passing. I come in the name of Sunez Allah, teacher of the P.E.A.C.E. Course at Allah School in Mecca. Call Allah School in Mecca @ 212 665-4175 and ask about M.aster E.quality or just do a search for Sunez Allah on youtube itself and you'll see me teaching at the Nation of Gods and Earths' first school. Also, check the book I co-edited to see more of my history and what I share with the people through my Nation:


I'm not sure who I'm speaking to--Solar or a representative for Solar. Either way, Guru was righteous and returned to the essence in the middle of a lesson. A lesson we, the true and living, can manifest now. That mastering a cipher by going into another weak cipher is not the answer. Bloodsuckers take the opportunity when times are tough. Times were tough for Guru. So don't mystify or make a mystery god out of Guru as if his "choice" is automatically correct. The Original man is God and so the Creator/Original man builds Creation by learning and [living] lessons. Guru returned before he could show and prove his lesson but Allah is One and All so we, the Original man complete his lesson.

My issue with you is you ride that you are in my Nation and yet can't even prove what positive thing you did for Guru. The Father [ALLAH, founder of the Nation of God and Earth, officially in 1964] was a man of the people and whether they knew him as Clarence, Puddin or Allah they saw a true worth in his presence. Please show and prove that. You tell how others didn't help Guru but how did you help him? I haven't seen that.

Critically, can you show and prove your music was ever Original other than reworkings of some of the [most] abused samples. You made a weak album with a legend (Street Scriptures) and no where near Gang Starr albums. Jazzmattaz 4's countless guests should have prepped a classic and it was just average. Guru's work with Gang Starr and his first 2 Jazzmattaz's are his legendary legacy. Actual fact.

The testimony of many go against the weak responses you've given thus far to justify adding on and helping Guru. Guru did not get better with you. In your company he was not able to unite with his family and friends. If that isn't your fault, that's peace but why do we have to hear how you helped him better than others. Everyone should mourn honorably and take the loss. In the end, his family didn't even know where he was dying slowly. How could that ever be positive? It's not your fault. It's the fault of everyone and all should be humbled accordingly. To be God means that we may have insight that takes us beyond those around us but we are always lovingly around them and with them in our actions.

I've never seen you at a Parliament [monthly gathering of the Gods and Earths with the community] in Mecca/New York. I didn't see you at any of the Show and Prove's [yearly celebration of all children, the proof of the future in the present, by the Nation of God and Earth] that commemorated Guru. You ask who I am? Who gave you knowledge? What understanding do you have that could even show and prove you added on?

Peace, Sunez Allah

Guru is a teacher on vinyl for me that inspires my quest for knowledge and his sincerity is what will be impressed on me forever. If those that really loved Guru were a-like him they would be identified easily—by their sincerity to take the loss, admit their errors and learn the lessons. We knowledge/memorize 120 Lessons to learn our past, present situation and know the immensity of our future. We live Supreme Mathematics via the principles of righteousness we naturally engage in. We thus create reality with a sincere respect for honor and dignity that takes mistakes and builds new lessons.