Sunday, June 16, 2013


The wake of God is a remembrance of what he has awakened in us—a portrait of truth that Allah, himself, has mastered himself equally.  It is a celebration for his peers, those who spent intimate moments of struggle for food, clothing and shelter whilst elevating their inherent nature to supremacy.  For the student it is no such celebration but an honored retrospection of acknowledgement.   It is said that a warrior should mourn the death of war, be they victorious or in defeat.  As warriors in an uncivil civilization, these letters then mourn of the essence that has returned.  An essence that goes with so much of themselves they have left behind that we are forever bettered.  This surely so, Dumar Wa’de Allah was one of those men we know as God, and all must have known as a supreme being.   Dumar Wa’de was a wonderful teacher, a brilliant lecturer, a masterful writer and a forthright builder.   So this eulogized scroll is to lend my respect to an extraordinary influence in my life.

My immediate teachers, my enlightener Knowledge Me Allah and Savior Knowledge advocated I place him inside the curriculum of my studies.  In my treasured moments with First Born Prince Allah, he expected me to listen to him before others.  Dumar was to be placed near the greatest pedagogical texts, along the most influential plus lessons and at the top of the video cassettes compiled of dynamic orators.   Thrusting myself into teaching every week at Allah School In Mecca, I made the school on every non-Thursday night, an internship of Allah World Manifest.  There must be something special that I share, experiences of my own, insights dear to me and guidance that may direct the young.  Dumar often would be there to lend his hand in that direction.  While he never uttered a word of what I ought to do, needed to teach or an approach I should take, he would present his work to me.  In this work, I understood the nature of the manner to raise minds from ignorance, illusion and savagery with real sciences and sincere guidance.

Dumar, to us of a younger generation, had an air of brolic elegance in his way.  A confidence of accomplishment and the strength to force a platform to prove it.  Yet he would approach me with his latest build, The National Statement, restrained.  As the self-proclaimed and absolutely earned title of National Spokesman, his plus lessons were sufficiently trademarked The National Statement.   These stapled collections of loose sheets filled with themes, ideas and builds of knowledge of self through Supreme Mathematics, using 120 Lessons,  were no longer a mere plus lesson to guide the newborn or re-indoctrinate the quasi-g.  They were builds that used degrees as puzzle pieces of archaeological clues to his excavated mind.  Understanding could be taken from any degree like the 4th degree in the 1-40, the mere square mileage of the Earth.  The entire summation would not born a number as 2, but be the wisdom that sends us his way on how we may roundly refine the Black woman who’s culture is still not free.  That if we just knowledge (1) what is born (9) equally(6), then we will see that it is our own self(1+9+6=7) who is to born (9) the freedom(4) of each and every cipher of culture(0,0,0,0) that is available in this entire planet (196,940,000).  Alike that he would place one degree into an idea that would be exposed in the detail of another, all for a particularly clever and most high idea of understanding of our infinite potential.  These understandings would be as famous in depth as in character.  And he would detail every last bit of these builds to me, throwing every sheet back excitedly as he covered them.  My head would overload with a million numbers and I would have to spend three dollars to rewind the paragraphs.  He always cared that I saw them as well written and I always made sure I had three dollars to buy them.

As an orator, his character took center stage. Took it completely.  In retrospect, I think every Parliament he sized up the crowd of family.  Where are the young?  What do they need?  What is blocking their progress?  What can further it?  So the moment for Nation Business became Dumar busy-ness.  He’d say he only had a few pertinent things to say during Parliament.  If it took a whole hour that was only an illusion of the mind left behind in the wilderness of your own laziness.  Remember, he was no elder but the youngest, most experienced young brother that ever captured devilishment in his palm and was ready to smooth, slick stride and slap it 6,000 years ago where it came from.  Before you see the Gods of the 60’s to 70’s, Soul is only an ill sample.  Dumar would walk up with a stride of nonchalance and then his arms would not flail but project swift cuts and serve as overhand pointers to his invisible floating chalkboard.  He would gallop from one end to another, one degree to the next and resurrect Johnny Neckbone to Justice Now Allah.  He was so skilled transition new thoughts he saw relevant merged right in and engaged us with a sharp fury of articulation we followed point to point while he built cipher to cipher.  He spoke of principles in action, the fruit of a righteous work and offered a logic that made laziness selfish and the offered corruption of the world a silly pursuit.  There was never trauma in his projection or a horrid trial making him a survivor of hell.  He was a natural champion who met his A-Alikes -- Allah and the First Born--and could not help but be as them and would only accept that we be as him.  Such an influence that it resonated confidence in me to share in a designated classroom with attention to a dignified approach in dress, in class structure and offered supplemental materials presented with a measure of tact others can rely on.

Dumar’s life of work borned building as he worked to earn the privilege of being great, yet not so obsessed with being known as great.  As a writer, he brought honor and respect to the writings of our Nation and inspired us to write again.  As an orator, he showed us more of the unlimited ways a brilliant idea can be reached with our language, Supreme Mathematics.  As a builder, he constantly pitched new plans to highlight the young in projects and reward them for excellence with the tools to reach for it again.  Today, I am honored to even hold a moment of a child's time or a teen's hours every week with the small measure of discipleship I freely received from our great elder. As saddened as I am with his return to the essence, we must be honored that he manifested exactly what the Father, Allah, himself wanted. To educate oneself immensely, to share enormously, to work overwhelmingly and be himself, Allah.

Sunez Allah
June 16, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


THE REAL OF 2012, my year end review is @ Premiere Hip Hop

Do the knowledge: REAL OF 2012

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