Saturday, September 4, 2010

P.E.A.C.E. Course Lessons 2010: The Justice Build

The 120 Lessons are a complete tool of learning if one applies a complete body of disciplines to it. Below are 10 immediate disciplines and concepts to begin with. Each point will be related to the 1st degree in the Student Enrollment (1-10) (Who is the Original Man? The Original Man is the Asiatic Blackman. The maker, the owner, cream of the planet Earth, father of civilization and God of the universe.) The stratagem here may be applied to any teaching we come across.

1. Vocabulary
Before we even seek to explain the meaning of the degree, let alone get an understanding, we must know what the words themselves mean.
(i.e. What does Asiatic mean?)

2. History
The 120 Lessons are not structured chronologically and many become confused by the timeline. Throw in the Asiatic calendar, a calendar based on events more than astrological timing, and there can be extreme confusion. We must know the time we are studying and also the historical events referenced or the history it suggests we should know of.
(i.e. What is the history of Asia? How is the Blackman the father of civilization?)

3. Science
We must engage in the sciences that the degrees are referencing. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught as an evangelist sharing a fact based religion. He built a massive congregation off the dynamic sharing of unknown truths that he did not technically prove but overtly declared must be accepted. We cannot do that because these muslim teachings have become our 120 Lessons and so we must look for real scientific reasoning at every turn.
(i.e. The bio-chemistry of the Black man? Who is Black?)

4.Abstract Vs. Concrete
The language of 120 is a dialect we must learn and a way of speaking that is not overtly technical. We must understand the use of metaphor and abstract terms that are not to be taken exactly literal and other terms that are much deeper than they appear to be.
(i.e. the abstract term of "cream" and the deeper meaning behind "Blackman")

5. Titles Offered
We are learning a knowledge of self with this great aid. In it titles are shared constantly and we must note under what conditions and notice their worth, the activities and powers designated by them. We say we are God or Earth, the most important titles known.
(i.e. God, the maker, the owner)

6. Today's Reality
With these degrees written in the 1930's we must learn how to understand how this language fits this time and the people that are around us. How do they see it? What would they understand out of 120? How do I share the principles if I quote, paraphrase or explain in my own words?
(i.e. explaining Blackman is God to a yellow seed Dominican who is Christian Catholic?)

7. Common Ancestry
120 is a new arcane text of spiritual truth. It is important to note how our people learned this truth and what parts of it over the last 6,000 years and beyond. Without, we will not see the useful tools to gain from the past and often will strut around reinventing the wheel.
(i.e. the ancient texts of Islam, the Tao, Buddhism, Hindu, Sufi, Yogic, etc.)

8. 120 Reference
You cannot prove a degree in 120 by quoting another degree. That is the same as saying you are correct because you said as such last week. However, in the study of 120, referencing other degrees brings insight to the concepts in each of the degrees. They must be cross referenced to extract total meaning.
(i.e. the 10th degree in 1-40 asks "Who is that mystery God?" This lends insight to the 120 being one of the few spiritual texts to overtly claim who God is as opposed to other ancient texts that were far more subtle)

9. Supreme Mathematics
This is the language of our essence, the what and how the Original man and woman do? It is also the law and order of the universe and we must always be mindful of the degrees that the lessons highlight
(i.e. 1- knowledge, the number of the degree and 7 - God, mentioned in the lesson)

10. Your Understanding
Life is a developing understanding and you must articulate what you know so that you may figure how you may use it. Your understanding is a unique yet proven insight that propels your way of life. Your building with 120 is nothing without this.

P.E.A.C.E. Course Lessons 2010: The Justice Curriculum

The study of many disciplines does not make man righteous yet it greatly propels the ease by which they may realize themselves as such and build greater. Just as the most oppressive societies have fortified themselves with the study of many disciplines, our study of a versatile curriculum will develop our framework of ideas, potential and self awareness.
The following ten subject areas are a beginning in this broad range of study that are necessities of culture…

1. Hygiene - In a supposedly civilized advanced society, hygiene is often at its lowest. A possible reason for that aside from the awkward change it is for the Caucasian/westernized world, is that we do not view it as a constant study. We may adapt certain measures as they come to us or flow with social mores if say someone properly uses a tissue to open the bathroom door that reeks with diverse fecal matter particles. However, we must constantly protect ourselves from the environment through a developing awareness and knowledge of hygienic practices and study to fortify the home with less chemical pollutants and cleaner rituals.

2. Music - While we may enjoy the latest pop craze and shuffle 500 diddies on our ipod, music is a language of resistance and expression that our people, oppressed the last 6,000 plus years have developed wonderfully. To love music is to learn of it, to expand the palette of sounds we here also broadens the ability to hear and develop new ideas. In the societies we live in with so many Original people from all over the world, we ought to know these other languages they have expressed themselves with, beyond the radio's narrow dialect. In New York City, we have at least Dominican meringue and bachata, Puerto Rican Salsa, Bomba, Plena, Cuban Son, Jamaican Roots Reggae, the so-called African American Soul Music, Jazz and the for all these Original people the most lyrically expressive musical genre to date, Hip Hop music. Rakim, Donny Hathaway, Miles Davis, Johnny Ventura, Willie Colon, Bob Marley should all be heard.

3. News - From the politics of your immediate residential area to the world stage, we must seek out legitimate news sources and study them. We must know more than the paltry 15 minute broadcast at 11pm of tabloid specials. This is one of the ways to understand the people we love and seek to build with.

4. Science - The sciences of bio-chemisty, quantum mechanics and mathematics are key to a knowledge of self. Working to study sciences slowly and usefully will always give more sense to the universe we have created. This is the study of our inner workings. How can we not study this daily?

5. Health - The diet is something to constantly from the inner to the outer. If the proposed healthier lifestyle is adopted, a vegan/living foods diet, is embraced then one can no longer eat ignorantly. One must be a student of ingredients, preparation and recipes. We must learn what things we may be putting in our body, how to prepare them so that we may have supreme control and learn to express ourselves through our food with recipes that make food taste great to us.

6. Training - The training that one chooses must be studied. Brothers must study how to increase their muscle mass without loads of whey and sugar to merely mold fat. If we engage in a sport we must learn more of the sport and what its benefits are. We must also learn to strengthen our bodies and avoid injury.

7. Identity - The study of identity is a key to a successful knowledge of self so that a title of God and Earth and a righteous name are not merely fancy claims. We must work on noticing belief and letting it go with truth and become aware of the clich├ęs we have labeled ourselves with and let them go. This is a lifelong study.

8. Pedagogy - The science of teaching is also in the science of learning. Learning how to teach we must also learn how we actually learn. What pitfalls we may be prey to become more evident the more familiar we are with the many techniques. Also, learning to share sincerely is in the judgment of what ought to be shared. This is to be studied.

9. Talent - We must engage in many disciplines to find and hone our talents. It is through out talents that we will create sharings for the betterment of all. We must be aware of our talents with a humility that does not overrate them yet does not underplay them as well.

10. Love - The relationship of family, the creation of God and Earth is the reality of all things. We must study whom we share our deepest intimacy with and not merely expect to be loved but develop self into a person worthy of love. This is done with studying the ideas of intimacy, relationship, care and sincerity.

Peace Course Lessons 2010: Power Bat (Build Awareness Square)

Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”
- Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C

These select lessons personally composed are to reinforce the nature of this year's particular theme that has been focused on: Work. The learning of a knowledge of oneself coupled with the natural development of virtue through sincerity must be channeled through Work. That there becomes a Love of Hell as no Hell can be imposed on the true and living; it is merely work that we have developed for ourselves. This Course will never guarantee the success of the engaged student. There are no riches and fame; rather, there is an awareness of what oneself, one's cipher and the talents one may use to create works to share.

These said lessons are to begin to have an awareness of all the work we naturally, must and can be doing and ultimately able to work with the 120 Lessons with greater ease and ultimate usefulness.

POWER BAT (Build Awareness Square)

The core to a knowledge of self is that there really is only Creator and Creation in the Universe. Once this is realized then what is only sharing, the giving and receiving of the fruits of Creation. Even the teacher, naturally poor and righteous is engaged in an overt sharing of forums for the student to draw up their understanding, talents and nature. As Creators then we must become aware of all we do as vital to the development of self. One's square is the surrounding reality of one's awareness of truth that one protects and uses to build and destroy. To develop this powerfully and stand on one's square one must build awareness of one's personal status at all times. With this one may progress powerfully in their endeavors.

1. EAT:
The diet proposed is of the highest refinement and thus able to allow us to project the most power in all our undertakings. Yet, while a vegan/living foods diet is ideal, the nature of awareness is most key. There is nothing that we deliberately take with us and have the most power in deciding how that the food we place in our bodies. We may love our family and even cherish our possessions but none of that is inserted inside our body as much as the food we eat. To begin, we must learn to note the foods we eat, the conditions we dine in, the reasoning behind our eating and how each and every food feels within us. In doing this we may better decide how to use our food as a deliberate energy source and solve countless problems often not attributed to diet yet truly are (i.e. difficulty reading, lethargy, lack of emotional control, lack of desire, etc.)

The P.E.A.C.E. Course may reach a point where you may reach and decide to train martially the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. However, athletic achievement, notoriety and making punks jump up to get beat down is not the heart of the awareness here. It is that our bodies are the outward composition of our thoughts and will only be equipped to do what we train it to do. Just as the mind drives the body, the body well trained inspires the mind, thus the interplay of creation in mind and body of Bian Xing San Bao (Metamorphosis of Three Treasures Kung Fu).
The root of training is to track your exercise, study the many outlets of interest (i.e. sports, martial arts, etc.) and work on scheduling a personal protocol for consistent training.

3. READ:
What are we reading? What are we watching? What do we see more often than not because we are drawn to it? What are we absorbing? The concrete reality of the knowledge of self means that there we are in a society adverse to our growth and development. There can be no such thing as a non-reader for those that understand the nature of war our lives are bred in.
We must begin by learning to choose what we read and make real goals to complete the reading of books, articles and writings. We must then extend this to all that we knowledge.

What do we write? What are we saying? What are our ideas? Who and what do we write for? Writing is a forum of sharing understanding for those who will not always be around. Writings are your sharings absorbed away from you. How developed is our projection of our ideas? It is that the idea is the foundation of the great writer.
We must begin to write our own personal journals and catalog our understanding, increase the amount we write so that just as we speak and/or share writings to the world they are most sincere, willingly useful and best understanding.

The genre of self help literature is vast, designed to accept life as a rat race and then lace the right shoes for the finish. While the sincerity of the student can never be received from a teacher or teaching, the development of virtue can be engaged in to develop an awareness of one's sincerity. That is that no one in this society will judge us wrong for transmuting our greatest energies to think and grow rich and let all those around us sink and we switch. However, when one asks oneself, 'Once I have found my talent and it is able to survive me then what is the nature of truly thriving?'

We must then take note of simply sharing. Are we sharing disingenuously for profit and fame? Are we sharing truth out of anger or resentment? Are we sharing with a hidden agenda to receive something in return? It is difficult to gauge what must become natural. To try to log what one shares is not a technical activity but a personal retrospection. That in this we may actually judge our talents and the worth of what they can one day aid others. This is why the best part is the best part.