Friday, November 12, 2010


Crown City (Corona) Queens has some of the nicest MCs that no one really knows. Virtually everyone I meet reppin is a veteran. Not veterans by age but by perfected skill and technique. My man BIG VI is the epitome of the illness. Tracking VI's work, it's certainly seasoned with smooth pacing that emphasizes the rough and tumble accents of the urbanized Dominicano, VI is an ideal boom bip MC that really has potential. The potential to express insights of the Latino experience that have gone unmentioned. This Hip Hop shit is missing many Original peoples lyrically that created the whole shit. With a lyrical maturity and rugged sincerity, VI has the potential to rep Crown City like it should be.

The following track, "I'm From the 80's" is from Against All Odds, the duo of VI and Consep, merely a small clue of VI's skill. Consep, another astute MC, with energetic verve and comfortable in the difficult upper mid-tempo rhymepacing,

I'm From The 80's by BiG VI

leads the verses with a picture of Hip Hop elements all blending and peace commentary on the culture's worth. VI ghost-dieni's his verse with the ill description of the 80's wears and the sights of cultural elements that were actually ours, not only to buy to actually live and use to express ourselves with. Consep caps it with more details to spread the picture.

I'm personally partial to these tracks because it directly relates and to do it well is to prove you really were fuckin there. It'll be interesting to see what songs BIG VI and Consep add on to make this decade a little more unforgettable.

Peace, Sunez

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Kirsy said...

This track is amazing! It forces you down memory lane to a world where hip hop accurately and actually depicted real life struggles, sub-culture and what it really means to live in the hood!

Very much looking forward to hearing more substantial tunes from these lyrical beasts!!