Thursday, November 1, 2012

N.W.A. Vs. N.G.E. : The Cipher for the Best Part

[ Note: As published in The Nation of God and Earth 5%er Newspaper October 2012]

Only one is real.  Awkward, a nation with no citizens, only holders of birthrights.  Impossibly sexy where the loveliest of women are soiled by understanding then bloomed by the culture, beyond the power of plucking to  the deep nourishing of equality’s seeds.  Honorably disrespectful in minding oneself to build a Nation, to then mine past the borders of every country of the world.  All to mind all the human families with offerings, guidance and leadership. 

41 years of the most dastardly, defiling and debasing acts done to devilishment in the name of Allah.   All from a time with ideals and principles conveyed via the fist as often as the word.  When poor was not perceived as poverty but the valiant intent to share unconditionally.  Now, there are far more pages to click leaving the leaflets of the returned and aging sages to wither beyond the reasons of their broken grammar.

Wherever our destination, the swine of its doorman and the putridness of the halls are telling.  That the smell of intoxicated escape battles the invigorating aroma of learning children is a script of hypocrisy.  It is played by actors that come in the name and rarely lack in the rambling of their information, masquerading as knowledge.  If I find solace in the embrace of this cipher to share ideas, it is that the Nation itself is not saved from the hells it loves through for right.   There is honor in a knowledge of self when it survives its fad of membership and is a way of life in any era.  So we must war through hypocrites, devils and ignorance not as the chores for the grand title of Allah but as the lived history of those with sincere intent (Love) of (conscious or unconsciously) chosen work (Hell) that borns all for more righteousness (Right).  For us, it must be real to be, not merely to be with.

And as I have the honor to share at the root, Allah School in Mecca, I see a people I must speak of, a place our mind must be at and a thing that we ought to live.  The cipher of people are not mere African Americans but the entire population of Original people throughout the world.  The knowledge of self extended throughout the United States by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and understood by Allah, the Father, was formatted for the masses of African American oppressed here.  Elijah warred against Christianity with its own weapons pitting himself as the evangelist of truth with a rivaling institution that could protect the people better.  Yet, throughout the history this G has studied, no one has shared the truth of God, as man, to the young until Allah, the Father.  It is on this poor part that Mecca exists again and where all the human families collide for the truth.  We must teach this way and know the Ecuadorian, the Mexican, the Vietnamese as we know the so-called Negro.  We must understand 9,000 miles of water is not all swam or drowned in the same manner.  There are no Original people of Black.  All Original people are Black, of the 16 shades from Black, Brown to Yellow.  Our Original people have only suffered differently but we are all biochemically and mentally supremely a-like at our core.

The place our mind must be at is in the Real.  Who can learn who God is if they have not let go of the mysterious being, energy and/or force that they actively believe in.  The student is in the perfect equality when they are willing to be wrong about anything at any moment.  They now can learn at all times.  So as they have a comfort in being wrong, even as they do wrong, they will develop the willingness to be right, even if they are alone.  The Real is in living a life of learning beyond necessity and just for the love of it.  A poor righteous teacher, sacrificing what they have to teach all that they have to those who may use it.  Those willing to prepare for the separation of inner enlightenment and societal success if they can only be merged hypocritically.  Here, the teacher performs unconditionally in a full school but prepares intensely as the student in his empty classroom.

All for that thing we ought to live, a life of innovation.  Innovation that honors the truth of what must be preserved.  Innovation that is as dynamically unique as the preserved root it came from.  Mere preservation produces an enforced tradition whereas proper innovation applied promotes a writing of a rejuvenated history.  The babies are the greatest through our mere offering of forums.  A forum for them to experiment with their explosive ideas, challenging thoughts and precocious insight.  Showing them the honor in consistent principle as well as the universal change they may instill as creators. 

Without this cipher fulfilled, we could be left with kids of the worst part.  Peddlers of truth, Kings of tiny corners and gods that pray for...just some weak Niggas With Allah.

Sunez Allah

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