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THE MECCA MISSION Issue #3.15 March 2015 Opening Editorial

The Nation of Gods & Earths
Allah School in Mecca
The World
Issue #3.15 March 2015
Opening Editorial
by Sunez Allah

In the idling of this March, much manipulation of all seemed to be the rule of motion. There is a root to all things that demands the preservation of truth and the expectation of innovation out of it.  We present to you a Nation, one different than any other and muddled by so much confusion that surrounds us. It is exactly what one would expect in a society where the root of oppression is an un-taught truth.  That there is no mysterious being, energy or force and that you Original man, whom we shall reveal Black, Brown and Yellow brother are indeed the Creator within your own Creation.  That alike sister, you are that Earth, that truest embodiment of all Creation from which all creating supremacy shall manifest from.
This 5% Nation of Gods and Earths names it's creators as it is our birthright we scientifically engage in exploring as opposed to the expansion of a land we took and continue to take. So in fact under that name, all humanity who learns of their birthright and sincere humanity, that ought and must be lived, are in that name. However, there still remains merely a few, five percent out of a hundred as a loose metaphor of statistic of real consequence. We work to become family but we are not necessarily bound by blood but a truth, that although may genetically bind us, is often reduced to a mere fact. The sky is above, the Sun shines, we live on Earth and the Original man is Creator whilst the Original woman is Creation itself. Facts, a family it does not make.
So with a mere fact and a history of teachers from Allah, who willingly actualized and shared the truth from 1964 on blatantly, through his First Borns to us today, that work to share with all. And this work frustrates, it finds men seeking to win with it as opposed to being it. It sees our oppressors and reduces our freedom to a culture of vengeance.  So we will see those who cannot understand the more difficult insights of Allah as being neither pro-Black nor anti-white.  We will hear our liberation reduced to heinous methods in fancy language as positive eugenics (literally the separation of actions taken to promote the chosen superior ones versus the actions taken to attack the undesirable) that only temporarily masks a future that will be based on choices of destructive like and dislike to scientifically promote alike versus unalike.
Our truth is a scientific quest but it is a culture applied with the mathematical logic of principles.  That the right genes will still be the principles of integrity, honor and sincerity merged into a culture that lives out understanding rightly ever more.
This month I have seen the roots pulled for a false preservation and a cheap innovation. One where those with no tree, no way of showing their tree back to the First Born and thus Allah, seek to indoctrinate. I have seen failed cosigners who refuse to accept the failings of weak inspection. I have even seen satires lose disclaimers and turn into tricks. Only to see the tricksters gloat by quoting our refusal to take things on face value whilst they forget to personally mull over their place in Ezekiel chapter three, verse eighteen. I have seen angry reactions to stop it all provoke wasteful fighting and even the refusal to accept apologies that have left Mecca in a wilderness of cold pressed forrest of rotting olive branches. Best knowers are reduced to old follies and the new way is becoming a spiritual mixtape of today's angry reactionary movements. Quite a month of bizarro'd building.
So Creator within our own Creation is a living experiment with high explosives, those charged truths of great potency. And we must go back to our root if we are to innovate.  We need to leave the fanfare of events that merely appreciate, though we still engage and enjoy, and truly root ourselves in the Earth's replenishing sincerity and reawaken our supreme wellness. Let us embrace our mistakes, construct life lessons and see the roots of our tree. For those with real roots, they will understand and honor the Earth far greater than any fanfare of prancing parades, chivalry charades and escapist escapades.
For now, knowledge the best part in these pages, respect the mission of sincerity and share with us. We also have so much to learn. Peace.

THE MECCA MISSION will represent the foundational principles and core membership of the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths through a preserving yet innovating presentation of its message taught and developed at Allah School in Mecca, towards the immediate Harlem community, the outer NYC boroughs and the entire world.

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