Monday, December 22, 2008

NYRAINE: The MC's New Classic Video

It continues to be clear to all that one of the most talented up and coming MCs today is NYRAINE ( Knowing him for the past decade and witnessing his immense growth and development has been amazing. His command is exceptional with timely phrasing, a gift for punctuation with perfected pauses and the most calm altering of his cadence to immense effect. It's truly an honor to enjoy his music.

Please check his new video for the single, "NY's Joy," a sincere and joyously articulated dedication to his lovely mother at:

This is the first single off his debut LP ,STYLE OF A STREET POET coming in 2009.


Birthing the nature of a monumental MC is only done in the rarest of ways. Encompassing the most sublime conditions of adversity and inspiration, degradation and upliftment--the home of humanity's arts, Harlem, New York it is. Nyraine is born. Raised for many of his formative years in a single parent household, his mother's gifts of a supportive "logic," latchkey solitude and his ensuing explorations provoked his emerging talents. Influences abound from Slick Rick to Stevie Wonder with an excitement for the flair of poetry, Nyraine become an MC of the most unique caliber. Possessing of the most innate charisma, a raspy voice of an uncanny smoothness, his verses resonate with an unassuming power and clarity. Nyraine constantly paints enticing details balanced with the appeal of wordplay's forgotten rapture. highlights an array of talents and honed skills. Nyraine is the only product of his environment society truly desires. An unparalleled talent he is the next great MC. --Sunez

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