Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Saving Crate From the Hoax Texts

Below is an investigative report I wrote on Funkmaster Flex when I was Assistant Editor for The Source in 2005. It is a part of an article series uncovering payola in the music industry. Unfortunately, the reputation of The Source was deservedly questionable as the top brass' personal motives made most of their reports disingenuous.

Much respect goes to the Gods at The Source at the time of my work there. Without Dasun Allah, I would certainly not be hired let alone considered. He is the most talented Editor-In-Chief The Source has ever had. He has also ushered me to many forums that I will always be grateful for. Peace to the God, my brother.

This particular article was made possible by the most necessary and exceptional input and exceptional connections of the God, K-Born. K-Born, whom produced The Source feature interview series, Hip Hop Icons, was and is not your ordinary Hip Hop journalist. He didn't contact legendary Hip Hop artists and cultural pioneers, with the stamp of The Source, to set up an interview. They were all people he knew, had spent time with living out the expressions of Hip Hop and elders whom had taken care of him. Just naturally Hip Hop, K-Born never had to engage in any of the four elements or journalism for validation. He is best described by that bassline in magnificent crescendo on that classic "Scenario" from A Tribe Called Quest w/Leaders of the New School. Once you start building with the God you give this Hip Hop shit another fucking chance. Peace God.


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