Saturday, September 4, 2010

P.E.A.C.E. Course Lessons 2010: The Justice Build

The 120 Lessons are a complete tool of learning if one applies a complete body of disciplines to it. Below are 10 immediate disciplines and concepts to begin with. Each point will be related to the 1st degree in the Student Enrollment (1-10) (Who is the Original Man? The Original Man is the Asiatic Blackman. The maker, the owner, cream of the planet Earth, father of civilization and God of the universe.) The stratagem here may be applied to any teaching we come across.

1. Vocabulary
Before we even seek to explain the meaning of the degree, let alone get an understanding, we must know what the words themselves mean.
(i.e. What does Asiatic mean?)

2. History
The 120 Lessons are not structured chronologically and many become confused by the timeline. Throw in the Asiatic calendar, a calendar based on events more than astrological timing, and there can be extreme confusion. We must know the time we are studying and also the historical events referenced or the history it suggests we should know of.
(i.e. What is the history of Asia? How is the Blackman the father of civilization?)

3. Science
We must engage in the sciences that the degrees are referencing. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught as an evangelist sharing a fact based religion. He built a massive congregation off the dynamic sharing of unknown truths that he did not technically prove but overtly declared must be accepted. We cannot do that because these muslim teachings have become our 120 Lessons and so we must look for real scientific reasoning at every turn.
(i.e. The bio-chemistry of the Black man? Who is Black?)

4.Abstract Vs. Concrete
The language of 120 is a dialect we must learn and a way of speaking that is not overtly technical. We must understand the use of metaphor and abstract terms that are not to be taken exactly literal and other terms that are much deeper than they appear to be.
(i.e. the abstract term of "cream" and the deeper meaning behind "Blackman")

5. Titles Offered
We are learning a knowledge of self with this great aid. In it titles are shared constantly and we must note under what conditions and notice their worth, the activities and powers designated by them. We say we are God or Earth, the most important titles known.
(i.e. God, the maker, the owner)

6. Today's Reality
With these degrees written in the 1930's we must learn how to understand how this language fits this time and the people that are around us. How do they see it? What would they understand out of 120? How do I share the principles if I quote, paraphrase or explain in my own words?
(i.e. explaining Blackman is God to a yellow seed Dominican who is Christian Catholic?)

7. Common Ancestry
120 is a new arcane text of spiritual truth. It is important to note how our people learned this truth and what parts of it over the last 6,000 years and beyond. Without, we will not see the useful tools to gain from the past and often will strut around reinventing the wheel.
(i.e. the ancient texts of Islam, the Tao, Buddhism, Hindu, Sufi, Yogic, etc.)

8. 120 Reference
You cannot prove a degree in 120 by quoting another degree. That is the same as saying you are correct because you said as such last week. However, in the study of 120, referencing other degrees brings insight to the concepts in each of the degrees. They must be cross referenced to extract total meaning.
(i.e. the 10th degree in 1-40 asks "Who is that mystery God?" This lends insight to the 120 being one of the few spiritual texts to overtly claim who God is as opposed to other ancient texts that were far more subtle)

9. Supreme Mathematics
This is the language of our essence, the what and how the Original man and woman do? It is also the law and order of the universe and we must always be mindful of the degrees that the lessons highlight
(i.e. 1- knowledge, the number of the degree and 7 - God, mentioned in the lesson)

10. Your Understanding
Life is a developing understanding and you must articulate what you know so that you may figure how you may use it. Your understanding is a unique yet proven insight that propels your way of life. Your building with 120 is nothing without this.

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