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NOTE: The P.E.A.C.E. (Political Education And Civilization Enrichment) course is designed to educate (draw out that which is within the student) with the knowledge, useful information and the wisdom, tools to apply such, for a greater understanding of self. Simply put, the ways of this estranged world (P.E.) and the science of everything in life (C.E.). Taught at 2122 7th Avenue (126thst) in Harlem, New York every Thursday evening since 2000, the course is free to the public and open to any and all questions.

In encountering exceptionally talented brothers and sisters and many self-proclaimed revolutionaries, I offer a response on my sentiments on capitalism asked by a student of my course…

Capitalism is merely a most powerful weapon of choice used by the oppressor. To understand it better is to know the nature of what it really impedes. The way one lives is how one must teach. Thus, the focus is on a profound simplicity within rather than a search for liberating complexities of a westernized scientific model, where the external why's are sought. In other words, the tool of capitalism is obstructive and oppressive because it impedes something most essential to the life of humanity.

We may refer to the 120 lessons of the Nation of God and Earth for a superior pedagogical guide. Pedagogy is the science of teaching and without teaching how one is taught along with the lesson, the student never learns on his own. Now, the 18th degree in the 1-40 Lost and Found Muslim lesson #2 says, "What is the duty of a civilized person? The duty of a civilized person is to teach, he who is savage, civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of himself and the science of everything in life which is love, peace and happiness."

The first thing to reveal in this pedagogical order is Civilization. Here, one realized that the way and structure of the society is corrupt. With western society, we note that it is capitalism that promotes the acceleration of the society but not the betterment of the people. It is not even designed to promote the correction of its own flaws, be they the increased poverty, destruction of the resources (or capital) that initially are to be attained or the enlightenment of the classes that are positioned leisurely. In other words, the rich, once amassing a state where survival is not a bearing concern are still not embracing an enlightenment of higher concern. They merely amass more capital.

To realize this first step of civilization, one needs to support the above ideas with truths of research and study. Our own ancient civilizations (i.e. Kemit, the Moorish empires, the Olmec civilization, etc.) surpass this present one, easily in some cases, and may serve as an example throughout.

The second aspect of Righteousness is when a system is realized incorrect and ideas are purported to reform it, or in the extreme, destroy such and rebuild it. This is where most "conscious" people remain embracing simplistic anarchistic means to tackle such. Obsessive "isms" embraced as the only way dauntingly kill the student's course toward enlightenment. It is here in the activity of righteousness, or wisdom, that many feel they already understand. In reality they are exercising a fragment of knowledge uselessly.

When socialists assume that the structure is the problem solely and the actual biochemical imbalance and survival of the oppressor are not included, for example, they are assuming that people need only be led in the right direction. But how far gone are we from capitalism if people are still led? Another appropriate example is the anarchistic measures that merely frustrate the system. Hip Hop appeared this way but people underestimated the power of the Original peoples' expressive power. However, others flaunt stances that are irrelevant, i.e. homosexuality, that hurt the status quo but fail to realize that all savage societies engage in lifestyles that do not produce children (the fruit of life) and confuse the nature of family. Remember, the underlying thesis statement of Chancellor Williams' Destruction of Black Civilization is that the nation is destroyed through the community, the community destroyed through the family, the family destroyed through the child, the child left unborn through the father's displacement. The mother is left frontin' as a superwoman, Earth and God, Supreme Woman and Supreme Man, impossibly Willie Lynched up, out of her respective role.

The real righteousness to attain is to activate the wisdom that promotes a quest for understanding the principles of self that really matter. Realizing that activity now is to rid oneself of following and articulate, put into words, the nature of the principles that when seen are actualized and lived. Here these principles are identified better by seeing what capitalism impedes in this respect.

Knowledge of self is merely an awareness of self. Capitalism is a mandatory exchange of goods or legal tender for the necessities and/or luxuries needed or desired. These basic definitions are all that's needed. In realizing civilization (i.e. the enlightenment attained by former civilizations), activating a righteousness of wisdom where we are merely seeing our natural self in this context, we will understand that the true, natural accumulation is what has been halted and depressed by capitalism.

Often I say that the only reality of life is one of relationships where sharing is the only actuality, giving and receiving. Done naturally, we are sharing the talents and insight we experience and confirm with the utmost sincerity for the betterment of self and others. The 'love of a revolutionary' is here, where enlightenment of that one contradictory force to oppression is actualized. This is the essence of revolution, a cipher that will not, in the Marxist ideologies, revert back to oppression by new members. Rather, it is merely the cipher of Original life that has been acknowledged and has grown in depth. Life does not repeat itself, we renew our lives profoundly.

This revolution takes place only when the true natural accumulation is recognized, that of virtue. Virtue is not added deliberately without sacrificing its sincerity. Virtue is not accumulated out of necessity for there are no hells imposed by mysterious and/or outside forces. What is hell when there are no mistakes, only lessons being acknowledged, studied and learned? Virtue is seen when the loneliest one of such, the revolutionary, is using the tools around him to build models and forums to promote and reveal this awareness in himself and for all others willing. It is not by force as propagating the elevation of the people is as wasteful as demanding change of the oppressor—refer to Paulo Friere's The Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

The real masters can use the tools of the oppressor and reveal their supreme nature, letting exposure of devilishment be a byproduct. With capitalism, there is a difference between being able to buy whatever you need or want and actually funding each and every idea one has. Mastering capitalism, as the latter, is as the elders have taught myself and many others, "to come to the people as the people." Forced to use a wrong system, revolution is to show the right ways, with and without such a tool.

It is here where the knowledge of oneself and every moment is reflected in every creation, in any environment. How is capitalism manipulated and the righteous principles we've found in socialism and other peaceful systems instilled? How do these Original people find themselves and build a community, merging the right ways of one with the exact manners of others?

This is the beginnings of the Science Of Everything In Life. This will soon be your next lesson.



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