Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Way of Lavoe Revolt

Who is missing our ever increasing ideas?
Who is not witnessing the elevation of our lifestyle?
Who is taking part in our greatest understanding?

The world has sought to empower as a niche. To share the utmost of thought, the insights of our way of life and all the revelations that enlightenall are after thoughts. Through justification, for pretentiousness or any other reason, the most culturally diverse, richest city in the world misses itself. Imagine a journal that scribes the peoples walks through the Harlem streets after the Apollo show times and gets to all those Brooklyn blocks from Sunset Park to Bedford Stuyvesant. One that visits Queens Shea Stadium from the Corona section and lives by the Bronx Tremont section dwarfed by those Yanks.

These Original peoples today are lost in the coverage of their victimization and being taught their next innovation from the next product placement or music video. They are truly unknown.

Who are they?

They are our African Americans, Latinos, Asians, the myriad minorities, the Black, Brown and Yellow peoples who are overflowing with consciousness and unchallenged novelty. They are the voices of change that will enliven all of New York City with their inspirations, an understanding waiting to be read, exposing the absorbing existence of a flourishing culture under immense repression and neglect.

LAVOE REVOLT, inspired by El Cantante (The Singer), Hector Lavoe, the salsa singer who captivated us all through otherworldly talent, charisma and musical integrity, represents the epitome of the peoples voice, the heart of what we will share. It is the Journal of New York City's Original Ideas, Lifestyle and Understanding.

This blog will be a special presentation of those Original Ideas, Lifestyle reflections and sincere understanding from Lavoe Revolt's Creator, Sunez.


Edward Sunez Rodriguez

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