Wednesday, September 3, 2008

LOVE, The Forum of Lavoe Revolt

It is in the vision of the pages tomorrow
to be founded with frayed droplets dried on the most select lines.
That they may likewise soil the eyes of our children,
witnessing the thoughts of an ancestor,
caught punctuated in the wonderful excitement of life.
Life itself when the soul song was sweet,
the woman was tender and
the surroundings were sheltered
yet all encompassing.
Alone of those two, him and her.

When one selflessly takes the responsibility to better see the natural reality of all things, they see the immensity of themselves in all things. This happens only in the moment. The moment where one will only share what is of the utmost necessity, all that can be understood. It is when something is given with the incalculable sincerity and magnificent intent present, as if a thousand children remain with only one meal to spare. The brevity in time, space or matter is no longer a hindrance. There must be something living shared that will promote the living infinitely.

It is then that we have come to the realization that the nature of all life is that of 'the relationship.' Most may leave the highest relationship unexplained, the creator and creation, as a macrocosmic occurrence they have no right in. The apologies of rituals, doctrines, prayers and violence for thousands of years all remind us. But this interdependent relationship is just as pure in all the microcosmic or daily ways we engage in.

And in all relationship(s) it is merely the reality of sharing that is being lived. Sharing, when what is received is understood with equanimity and what is given is naturally unconditional, we come to articulate the most supreme relationship of love. Equanimity, this objective, unbiased form of compassion, the lenses of sincerity that allow one to give for the mere beneficence of another, the seen and unseen. This is the essence of love.

In this world of illusory constructions, man is forced to trade legal tender for all his emoluments, saying one must earn all, hopefully gain everything and spend hours creating nothing. The only truth carried is the further degradation of survival. Nothing is shared for nothing is truly created. This has even been the difficulty of the greatest sages, for all ages past, to lack the potential forums to share the creations within. That most never were able to share with anyone for extended periods, if not their entire life, is a recurring tragedy of life.

It is with this nature of heart that Lavoe Revolt emerges. LAVOE or La Voz, the Voice, honorably exulted by Hector Juan Perez, finally manifesting REVOLT, as the 1971 Eddie Palmieri anthem ("Revolt/La Libertad Logico"), calling for Puerto Rico's independence. The Voice of Change, LAVOE REVOLT, presents the forum for swords to wield ideas, yield the essence of our lifestyle and finally share our understanding. The 999 other meals for our children, such sacred words that may nourish the starving.

Sacred Words, not holy with expectation, but wonderful with sincere searches for enlightenment or the mere inquisitiveness of observation. From the epic notes of an essay that becomes the manifesto of a movement to the clever critiques that poignantly praise or denounce the moment's likes and dislikes. Presented freely as a gift to the public, our people, it is our attempt to truly share a forum that is a testament to unconditional love, a reflection of all of us.


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