Monday, January 26, 2009

A Pedagogical Postcard of The Way

I teach without a desire to make a person become or even be what I know we ought to be. The only reality is to share what I can best discern they may be able to see and actualize at each and every moment.

This is something that brings me to great reflection and study at all times as the more one builds self the more the desire grows to share one's embraced ideas. With this, if one is Black (Original people – Black, Brown and/or Yellow) male, they fit the criteria of being God (a Black woman being Earth/Allat). However, even with this acknowledgment from them, whatever sciences may be shared from our most embraced sciences (i.e. supreme mathematics) to any other (i.e. quantum mechanics, bio-chemistry, etc.), there is no requisite that they be themselves, God, in any organization, including our own Nation.

In this, I then see our Nation (from the etymological latin root of nacie—birthright. Thus, a nation is a society establishing the furtherance--for the children--of their understanding of self, as supreme beings) as those that see their birthright naturally and sincerely making the choice to unite as a society, with organized structure, to promote their acknowledged reality, together. It is the right of any man with knowledge of self to also see whom and what group he sees as his family. I see this must be done sincerely and naturally. To then disagree to making a citizen I refer to the forcing of one, who has learned, to repay his debt of ignorance lost and/or to awkwardly honor his teacher. This honoring must be, and can only be, done naturally, I see, as it was shared unconditionally.

The protection of self as an unconditional teacher may truly be diminished yet it is the natural talent, experience and insight to judge the learnings anyone is ready for that must be at an exceptional form of discernment. I am essentially quite blasphemous for the so-called position I have, as a teacher in the school at the root home of many sages. Still, the truth does not have a right to exist anywhere merely because it was once there so I do not fight to keep it in any one place. I only fight to share truths to everyone according to what they may use at each and every moment.



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