Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunez on Reggaetonica


Raquel Rivera, the author of the Reggaetonica blog, is an esteemed scholar and a sister I have much love and respect for. I had the honor of adding on my insights to her book, Nuyoricans from the Hip Hop Zone, an excellent work on Latinos in Hip Hop music and culture.

Posting quotes from my column on Reggaeton (The Real Music) I published in September here, she has received many comments and my own responses. Please click on the link below to check them and her other writings out. Offer your own as well.




Divine King Allah said...

Also Almighty,
What's most inspirational about your blog is the array of topics expressed throughout your page. Where as many times I thought my political views may not be understood by many, or perhaps the roll it plays in our lives. So many times as I've heard from many "we don't partake in the politics". However it does, and will continue to intervene in our ciphers. Your open wisdom has encouraged me to continue express that Warrior within and that the revolution begins within each of us, perhaps many times which I have shunned since my last two years out of college.

So, I look forward to many builds by and with you almighty. I was very interested in hearing about the class you teach at the school when you have a moment.

Peace Allah,
Divine King Allah

Divine King Allah said...

Also, being that I'm slow and can't figure out for the life of me how "follow" another blog, can you add the new tool "follow this blog"? Apparently, it's a one click tool to add to the side bar, I just added mine.