Friday, April 9, 2010

Sunez Guests on Underground Live Show Tonight@11pm

Underground Live Show!TONIGHT @ 11pm

With great honor, I will be the guest tonight discussing the Nation of God and Earth history regarding Hip Hop music and culture, my current co-edited anthology, Knowledge of Self and my upcoming book, Sunset Style, an autobiographical memoir of my 15 year history as a Hip Hop writer & editor with select writings over the years.

Please tune into tonight @ 11pm - 12:30 am.


The TB&D Enterprises Radio Network presents: The Underground LiveShow!

The mission of the Underground Live Show is to bring the best inunderground hip hop- raw beats, raw rhymes and pure lyrics. This showwill give the people a voice and an outlet to express their opinionson real hip hop. This show will also educate, entertain and enlightenthe subculture of hip hop & it will be a place where rappers,breakers, graffiti writers and DJs have an outlet to express andpromote their craft, without conforming to the machine that controlship hop. This will be a place where artists can express their selveswithout being radio-friendly for the masses. This show will accomplishthis without bashing radio rap, because we understand that hip hop isa business that generates millions. However, our show will give theunderground artist a place to shine- while giving hip hop a place tocontinue to live free and grow. Listen Live Friday Nights at 11:00pmat or call 347-994-1003 to talklive on the air.

My extended bio:

Sunez is a graduate of Baruch College of the City University of New York. Sunez has been an accomplished writer, editor, radio personality and lecturer for over a decade. With over 15 years of experience in the publishing field as an editor and writer in the book, magazine and newspaper mediums, he has published and/or presented over 300 articles, biographical materials and scholarly notes and lessons. He is one of the few whom have worked as an editor/writer for The Source, XXL and Vibe magazine. Other notable publications include Stress, Blaze,, and From 1999-2000, he self published the acclaimed socio-political newspaper, SWords, which was available in print and online. From 2007-2009, his self published Lavoe Revolt, a journal of New York City's original ideas, lifestyle and understanding. Designed as a free yet cultured forum for those unheard voices and talents of NYC, it was released as a free publication to the people. Currently, Lavoe Revolt ( is a blog featuring Sunez' viewpoints, insights and sharings. In 2009, Sunez co-edited Knowledge of Self: A Collection of Writings on the Science of Everything in Life, an anthology of writings from members of the Nation of God and Earth. Currently Sunez is working on his first book entitled Sunset Style, an autobiographical history of his experience as a Hip Hop writer/editor with select writings from the many years.

As an apprentice of the honorable Dr. David Traverzo Galarza, Ph.D., he began to co-lecture courses at Baruch College and aid in seminars dealing with Caribbean history, ethnomusicology and Black and Latino culture. He was also an Urban Consultant and major reference for CUNY Hunter College's Center for Puerto Rican Studies and the published work, Nuyoricans From the Hip Hop Zone, by Raquel Z. Rivera, Ph.D. Sunez has also been able to experience many hours as an on-air radio host of The E&J Show at Baruch College and Hunter College and served as Production assistant and guest host for WBAI's Latino Journal news radio show with the venerated host and journalist, Santiago Nieves.

Sunez holds a Black sash in Northern and Southern Shaolin Kung Fu from Grandmaster Sigung Bobby Whitaker. Thus, he is a lifetime disciple and instructor of the wholistic healing arts and the Perfection of 180 Moves. His first martial arts book for publication, an aphoristic treatise and commentary on Sun Tzu's Art of War, is also in the works.

Sunez can be found every Thursday evening at Allah School In Mecca, a youth center (and the 1st school of The Nation of God and Earth) located at 126th Street and 7th Avenue in Harlem, New York City. Since 2000, he has dedicated the hours of 7pm to 10pm to teach the P.E.A.C.E. course (Political Education And Civilization Enrichment), offering a self-designed curriculum, lesson plan and instruction to any and all students seeking to draw up their greatest potential within.

Most importantly, Sunez with his Queen, Earth Izayaa Allat and beautiful young daughter, Luna Luz, whom are also students of The Way and burgeoning martial artists of the Perfection of 180 Moves.
Sunez can be reached via email: or

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